Category The Ideal of Education for Women

The Ideal of Education for Women


The God of death said, “My daughter, return home.

Love has conquered Death! Woman never loved like

thee, and thou art the proof that even I, the God of Death,

am powerless against the power of the true love that abideth!”

This is the story of Savitri, and every girl in India must aspire

to be like Savitri, whose love could not be conquered by death,

and who through this tremendous love snatched back from

even Yama, the soul of her husband.


Disciple: What sort of education, do you think, is suited to our women?

         Swamiji:  Religion, arts, science, housekeeping, cooking, sewing, hygiene- the simple essential points in these subjects ought to be taught to our women. It is not good to let them touch novels and fiction...

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